Friday, December 30, 2005


I hadn't forgotten about this graffiti. I just hadn't seen it in a while. It is on the sidewalk between Oyster Bar and Pizza D's on Booker Street up from my house. I was cleaning up after trash day on Booker (i'm the Booker Street Custodian) and saw it.

It was 1995. Our gang was leaving Pizza D's and saw the new sidewalk so we all added our names. Chad went down to the end of the sidewalk and added this. I think I told him not to because it was so big I was afraid they would end up redoing it and erasing all of our names. They didn't and they are all still there today. When I saw it and took a picture, Chad's was the only one in the sun. I think that was on purpose. Today is his birthday.


Blogger elibris said...

that is what i'm talkin' about.
can't say it better...

ctb -

BÖÖKLAY am hero

zulu ۞ﺕאҗӨ

10:11 PM  
Blogger Chad's Mom said...

Kevin, This is so Chad, I did not know this. It is so true, seems he was always in the sunlight. He could always make us smile, Still can... he also has a brick now in the NLR Memorial Wall, I bought one, don't know where it is but he has one. See you soon, Nana

11:36 PM  
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